Helping Businesses Get ‘Back To Work’ with social distancing

Helping Businesses Get ‘Back To Work’ with social distancing

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In a time of uncertainty for many businesses across Worcestershire, City Signs has helped owners get ‘back to work’ by providing invaluable support on what they need to stay compliant and keep safe with social distancing and their signage needs.

With announcements made on a weekly basis since lockdown and the gradual easing of restrictions on trading, City Signs have adapted their products and services to enable a fully holistic approach to supporting businesses. Social distancing has almost become a moving target but unless businesses get it right, both staff and customers are at a greater risk from spreading coronavirus.

Initially starting with roller banners to ensure the correct safety messaging, City Signs now have a dedicated suite of new products with expert guidance for each business always on hand. The City Signs range now includes protective screens of all sizes, sanitising stations, floor graphics, digital sanitising stations, children’s sanitising stations and point of sale barriers.

Darren Wilkins, MD at City Signs explains, “Since the impact of COVID-19 hit all our businesses it’s been a game of adaptability! Not least for us at City Signs as a good portion of our trade disappeared over night with exhibitions being cancelled. The new ‘norm’ has meant that many businesses have been coming to us to support them with their social distancing resources and need expert guidance on what they need.” He adds, “Businesses in Worcestershire are facing COVID-19 head on and we’re proud to support them in whatever way we can. It’s our 60th anniversary at City Signs and although our celebrations have perhaps not gone to plan, we have an important role in helping businesses in Worcestershire keep running in these tough times… we’re in this together!”

City Signs is a family owned and run business with a reputation for high quality signage with a personable service. The adaptability of any business, at any point, is important but critical in these unprecedented times and City Signs have realigned their business to support the local community.

For more information about City Signs and their social distancing services, please call 01905 640 007 or alternatively email