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Vehicle livery for Pearwood Property Services

February 9, 2017IMG_1581

This was an absolutely stunning vehicle livery. The CitySigns Team had so much fun completing this one…

Consisting of more or less every element of vehicle livery it was completed using a matt finish wrap, gloss vinyls, gloss digital print and matt vinyls. Put them all together and this is what you get – a great looking vehicle livery. From the design through to the final installation the CitySigns Team were happy to help.

With a  vehicle liver this great – its going to be hard not to see Pearwood Property Services around Worcester ad the surrounding area.

Vehicle livery is the cheapest form of advertising.. Why not utilise your best advertising space?

For further details on vehicle liveries, please click HERE.

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Vehicle livery for Scott Baker Plumbing

February 3, 2017IMG_1540

Look at this great looking landrover… !!It looked great before the CitySigns makeover but now complete with graphics, your not going to miss Scott Baker Plumbing and Heating.

Vehicle livery is the cheapest form of advertising.. Why not utilise your best advertising space?

This vehicle livery was completed using vinyl cut graphics in various colours. Both sides, front and rear and a small of amount of digital print on on Gerber Edge, a specialist thermal resin printer.

For further details on vehicle liveries, please click HERE.

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Vehicle livery for Green Lane Gardening

January 30, 2017Header

Vehicle livery is the cheapest form of advertising.. Why not utilise your best advertising space? Green Lane Gardening are and you certainly won’t miss them now!

This vehicle livery was completed using vinyl cut graphics in various colours. Both sides, front and rear and lettered along with the grass design down each side of the vehicle which all results in this great looking livery.

For further details on vehicle liveries, please click HERE.

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Illuminated Totem for PCA Predict

January 26, 2017PCA Header

This amazing exterior bespoke totem was designed, manufactured and installed for Diglis based PCA Predict.

Made from powder coated stainless steel and concreted into the ground, a combination of digitally printed vinyl graphics, machine cut acrylic letters and internal LED’s make this sign a stunning centre piece as you arrive at PCA Predicts offices. The Logo element and name glow beautfully when dusk falls with the LED’s and given that it is on a dusk till dawn sensor, you never have to remember to tun it on or off!

Digitally printed vinyl graphics were also applied to the reception windows so complete with great looking signage scheme.

To see how we could help you with your external signage requirements, whether it be illuminated or non-illuminated,  contact the team team at CitySigns today

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Signage for The Den & The Larder

January 26, 2017header MIAN

These stunning aluminium sign trays were supplied and installed by the team CitySigns for The Larder at Stanford Bridge.

We had already supplied the sign trays initially for another company but when they were taken over, rather than replace with brand new trays, we were able to reuse them by wrapping digitally printed vinyl graphics to the face of each tray and around the edges. This then gave the trays great new look and ne that the customer was over the moon with.

To see how we could help you with your external signage requirements, contact the team team at CitySigns today

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External signage for Select Lets

October 26, 2015Select lets HEADER

These stunning built up, powder coated stainless steel letters with aluminium sign tray have been installation for Worcester based letting specialist, Select Lets.

Made from stainless steel with 50mm returns, these letters have been powder coated to give a durable finish. They were then fitted into a powder coated aluminium sign tray to create a maintenance free signage solution other than a little clean now and again. To complete with sign, we installed for window graphics to the front window so Select Lets new offices really stand out.

To see how we could help you with your external signage requirements, contact the team team at CitySigns today

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Bespoke Stadium Signage

October 26, 2015header

CitySigns are very proud to be the Official Signage Partner to the Worcester Warriors. During the first couple of weeks in October, we were kept extremely busy producing and installing all the stadium signage for Sixways Stadium in preparation for the big kick off in the Aviva Premiership after Warriors won promotion back to the top flight last season.

A mixture of signage was supplied resulting in the stadium looking fantastic. The first game against Northampton Saints was broadcast live on BT Sport  – the stadium and signage looked amazing and was topped off buy a last minute by the warriors.

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Vehicle Livery for Best Vending

October 26, 2015header

Vehicle livery is the cheapest form of advertising.. Why not utilise your best advertising space? Best Vending are!

We have now completed 6 of this great looking liveries for Best Vending so keep an eye out for the fleet traveling around the Midlands. Supplied in vinyl cut cut graphics, these liveries really do stand out.

For further details on vehicle liveries, please click HERE.

  • Estates Direct

External signage for Estates Direct

October 26, 2015Estates Direct Header

These stunning built up, powder coated stainless steel letters have been installed for Worcester based estate agent, Estates Direct.

Made from stainless steel with 50mm returns, these letters have been coated in two colours to match the Estates Direct brand. Due to planning restrictions and an uneven wall, this letters were fitted to a support bar at the back with was then in turn, gutted to the brickwork. This resulted in less holes having to be drilled. Next time your driving up Castle Street in Worcester, keep an eye out for this great looking signage – you can’t miss it!

To see how we could help you with your external signage requirements, contact the team team at CitySigns today.

  • Casa Med
  • Casa Med 1

External signage for Casa Med

October 26, 2015Casa Med Header

This great looking external signage was completed recently for tapas restaurant, Casa Med based in Bromsgrove. Our friends at Platfrom 81 came up with brand for the guys at Casa Med and we then took it from there.

We didn’t want to spoil the look of this stunning frontage so came up with the solution for using a clear acrylic panel. This allows you to still see the work work and wooden beam behind the signage. We then bonded 20mm thick black acrylic letters to the front of the panel for the restaurant name with face the signage stunning depth. The clear panel was then fitted to front of the building using satin chrome spacers.

To see how we could help you with your external signage requirements, contact the team team at CitySigns today.

  • The providence
  • The priov
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New fascia for The Provenance

July 3, 2015The prov header

Appearances can certainly be deceptive! These stunning letters have been supplied and fitted recently for The Provenanace in Foreagate Street, Worcester.

The client required a solid brass letter but the costs involved with a letter at this height and thickness were resulting in making this option extremely expensive. With metal theft at an all time high, this would also attract theft as the brass would be so valuable.

So the CitySigns team came up with this alternative… 25mm which foamex finished in this amazing true life brass finish. Working with local suppliers allowed us to get this finish absolutely perfect for the customer. With a finish this good, you really would struggle to know this wasn’t actually brass! And the biggest selling point… It was a lot cheaper to produce!

We can now offer many different finishes so if you are looking for an attractive alternative to metal letters – this may just be the answer. Contact the experts at CitySigns today by clicking HERE.

  • Phat Nacys

Window Graphics for Phat Nancy

June 23, 2015Phat Nacys Header

Look at these window graphics the CitySigns Team have completed. The artwork was supplied by the customer but we then printed them digitally on self adhesive vinyl and applied them directly into the window to create this really great looking frontage.

Are you short of space on your shop front or are you utilising you window space? Why not contact the CitySigns team to see what we can produce for your windows. We offer the complete range form vinyl cut graphics, digital prints and  the contravsion one way film – a clever material that you see graphics when looking in to a window but looking from inside to out – you don’t see anything!  To contact us, please click HERE.


  • Modus Close Up 1
  • Modus Shop
  • Modus Close up

Fascia signage for Modus Print

June 12, 2015Modus Header

When regular client Modus Print moved into their nice new offices in the Tything – they asked the team at CitySigns to come up with a signage concept for their new frontage. This is what we did!

The fascia consists of a powder coated aluminium sign tray with part vinyl graphics and part flat cut acrylic letters. We chose to supply the name in the acrylic to make this really stand out. The rest of the lettering is completed in vinyl along with vinyl for the lower fascia and windows.

The completed job makes sure that Modus Print are noticed when travelling the Tything.

To find our how the team at CitySigns can help you with your signage and display requirements, please click HERE to contact us today.


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  • Carmichael

Vinyl graphics for Carmichael

June 11, 2015Carmichael Header

Carmichael have been a client of CitySigns for over 20 years. In that time we have completed many fire truck graphic installations along with heaps and heaps of labels – all used around the tracks and cab areas. Our work for Carmichael has been sent all around the world for different airports and the MOD.

This particular unit – the Cobra 3 – is a new unit that Carmichael have but and this was going to to Germany for an exhibition.

All vinyl cut graphics, this design really does finish the unit off.

  • Dream Doors Close up 2
  • Dream Doors
  • Deream Doors Close Up

Exterior Signage for Dream Doors

June 8, 2015Deeam Doors Head

This fascia signage was completed for Dream Doors premises in The Tyhting. Completed with some window graphics, the signage really helps the showroom stand out as your driving past.

The fascia consisted of a power coated aluminium sign tray which then have vinyl cut graphics allied to the face. The “Dream Doors’ was cut form 5mm white acrylic and fitted to the face of the tray so stands proud by around 20mm giving some depth to the signage.

The window graphics were all vinyl cut in reverse and applied to the inside of the windows so they can be read from the outside.

Keep an eye out for this installation next time your driving down the Tything.

  • grant 2
  • grant
  • grant 3

Fascia Signage for Andrew Grant

June 8, 2015Grant header

Andrew Grant Estate Agents have been a customer of CitySigns’ for well over 20 years! Going back to the days when all the For Sales boards used to be painted plywood timber with all the lettering then screen printed.

We supply Andrew Grant’s a variety of signage including digitally printed estate signs, window graphics, vehicle graphics and these great looking fascias that have been completed at each of of the Andrew Grant offices around the Country. Made form powder coated aluminium sign trays with vinyl graphics applied to the face along with built up powder coated stainless steel letters for the name. This professional looking signage certainly portrays the Andrew Grant in the right image.

For further details about Andrew Grant and the services they offer, please click HERE.

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Vehicle livery for Walsh Engineering

June 2, 2015Headre

This was another vehicle livery installation we have completed recently for regular client, Walsh Engineering.

We have been Walsh with their signage now for many years and supply a range of product to them including vehicle liveries, site signage and vinyl graphics.

All the vehicle liveries are supplied with the reflective stripping to the rear in Class 2 reflective.  This meets government standards for the vehicles to work on the public highways.

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Cheeky Chics Vehicle Livery

June 2, 2015IMG_0026

Vehicle livery is the cheapest form of advertising.. Why not unloose your best advertising space? The Girls as Cheeky Chics certainly did.

They contacted the team at CitySigns about changing their plain back van into a mobile advert and this is what we came up with! Consisting of vinyl cut graphics and digital print for the logo and pictures, this will get Cheeky Chics notice while travelling around Country.

For further details on Cheeky Chics, please click HERE.

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  • Side
  • IMG_0020

Cornish Connection Vehicle Livery

June 2, 2015Feature

Is it just us or does this vehicle livery make you feel hungrey!

Completed recently for regular client, Cornish Connection, this livery will make sure the pasties and other frozen snacks delivered by Cornish Connection, are delivered in style! Keep an eye out for it as is travels around the Country. With a pasty this size on the side, your not going to miss it!


  • Marshfield
  • Haagan Dazs

First Service Frozen Foods

May 26, 2015cropped


These stunning vehicle liveries have been completed by the CitySigns team for regular client First Service Frozen Foods.

First Service Frozen Foods Ltd was established in March 2005 as a regional ice cream wholesaler in the Midlands area. The Company is owned by Mike and Michelle who originally set up the business and Wayne who joined in 2012. First Service is run as a close family business with first class staff maintaining our very high standards.

CitySigns hace been supplying First Service for many years now including vehicle liveries, units signage, menu boards and digital print.

For further information on First Service Frozen Foods, please click HERE.

  • Museum

Royal Worcester Porcelain Museum

May 26, 2015Museum

Look at these stunning window graphics that the CitySigns completed for the Royal Worcester Porcelain Museum. Printed digitally onto contra vision window film, these graphics are very clever as well as looking striking.

Contravsion window film shows the graphics when you are out side looking in, but when you are inside looking out, you don’t see anything! Very clever!

For more details on how we could help you with clever signage and graphics, please click HERE.

  • Henwick Vets
  • Henwick Vets 2

Henwick Vets

May 26, 2015Henwick Vets  Header

When Henwick Vets built their lovely new veterinary practise on the Henwick in Worcester, they wanted to finish their stunning new premises off with some high quality signage and contacted the team at CitySigns to help.

After an initial site visit, out team put together a proposal of the these great looking flat cut, brushed stainless steel effect dibond letters. We chose this as its clean cut, modern looking signage that suited the front of the building with all the timber cladding. The price is steel is extremely high and you also have to consider metal theft hence why we used this dibond alternative but still gives a great look. The letters were fitted on stand offs so stand proud of the building approximately 20mm.

We also provided some internal signage and some etched effect vinyls applied to the front windows.

For further information on Henwick Vets and the services they offer, please click here.

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