Getting your Signage and Printing right for Christmas

Getting your Signage and Printing right for Christmas

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Now that schools have gone back it’s probably ok to talk about Christmas, right??

Burying your head in the sand about it is fine if you don’t have a seasonal product or service to promote but if you do, now is the time to start getting organised.

There are some fantastic events that help us to get into the spirit of Christmas and many local businesses get involved in these as well as creating their own events and promotions.

During December 2nd-5th the Worcester Victorian Christmas Fayre will be lining the streets with seasonal products and the smell of Christmas will be all around us. It will be wonderful for businesses and the town centre to welcome back trade after the challenging couple of years many have had.

The annual Worcester Christmas Tree Festival will also be on this Christmas, this is a great occasion for charities, schools and businesses to dress their own tree and be a part of a glittering display in Worcester Cathedral for ticket holders to go and view.

If you are setting up a stall at a Christmas market or organising a Christmas themed event you need to tell people about it and help your customers to find you. Way finding signs, banners, posters and stand signs all work together to not only promote an event or business, but to guide customers around easily so they get the most out of their experience.

It’s wonderful to see shops decorate their shop windows and inside with posters, wall stickers and Christmas themed point of sale. Customising your shop window is a fantastic way to stand out and show off your creativity and individuality as well as attract customers to come in and have a look at what you have to offer.

Christmas parties will hopefully go ahead this year and they will be a magical celebration for many organisations who missed out last year due to Covid restrictions. You can use your imagination and go wild with decorating the venue with banners, posters and decorations that can be individually customised to show off your branding, team and company photos.

Keeping everyone safe during these celebrations is of the utmost importance so using hand sanitising stations, signage and posters can help to look after everyone so that they get to also enjoy the new year as much as the Christmas festivities.

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