Tips for creating the right first impression as a new business owner

Tips for creating the right first impression as a new business owner

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Are you one of 777,000 new business owners created in 2020?

The UK has seen a surge in new business start-ups during the pandemic as people look to find ways to respond to the challenges and rapidly changing environment.

According to a report compiled by Tyl by Natwest (, 50,000 start-up businesses were created every month in 2020. 770,000 new business were created in 2020. This figure is a national record, as start-up businesses saw a 30% growth compared to 2019.

The report shows that there were more online and mail-order retailers starting up, buying and selling of property and the number of takeaways created increased by 33%.


How we can help your new premises to stand out from the crowd.

With our innovative design and printing capabilities we help new business owners to create eye catching and memorable signage and graphics.

As a business with new premises you will need to consider signs for the outside of your building and if you are on a business park or hard to find location, we would suggest having a few directional signs to more easily guide visitors to you.
Whether you are a retail shop, takeaway or business office use internal signs to welcome visitors and branded graphics that tell the story of your product or service to give the entrance a warm feel. Include directional signs if people will be flowing through the building or placing orders.

When welcoming visitors to your building it is important to ensure they are aware of your health and safety process, especially amidst the pandemic. Using signs to explain as well as hand sanitising stations are key to ensuring a safe environment for both your workforce and visitors.

Never leave your windows out of the decorating experience, we can create the wow factor with jazzy looking window graphics.


Marketing on the move.
If you are delivering goods and services or have a company vehicle then you have a fantastic opportunity for free advertising and reaching a lot of potential customers on the go, especially now so many people are out and about again. Our vehicle livery service keeps exposure high with eye catching graphics that are easy to spot from afar and even at speed!
City Signs will design, print and install your vehicle graphics either at your place or ours. Take a look at some of the work we have previously done HERE


Back to exhibitions and conferences.
It has been a long time since we were all in a room together, but we are now able to take advantage of growing our businesses face-to-face at exhibitions and conferences.

Using innovative and eye-catching exhibition stands and graphics helps you to be noticed through all the hustle and bustle of an exhibition hall. Your exhibition materials need to tell the story of your business and what you do in a clear and succinct way.

We have worked with many new business start-ups to create fantastic exhibition stands that have the wow factor and we are proud of the quality service and solutions that we can offer to you that can take you from one exhibition to the next.
Have a look at the custom and off the shelf exhibition products we can provide HERE.

City Signs likes to help you to create signage envy and keep you ahead of your competition. Request a quote for your new business to stand out and tell everyone that you are here to stay!