Fluffy gets festive at the finish line

Fluffy gets festive at the finish line

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Our #FindFluffy social media campaign to support the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust that began in May this year, draws to a close at the beginning of December. With the winners for the best #findfluffy photo being announced on Friday 3rd December, the competition is set to reach a dramatic close, as Fluffy gets into the Christmas spirit.

But what is the important message around our #FindFluffy campaign? The #FindFluffy campaign is the brainchild of Darren Wilkins, MD at City Signs, as a way of boosting much needed funds to help support families who have been given a devastating cancer diagnosis. The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust is our charity of choice, as Darren’s sister at Happy Steps in Worcester, taught Grace to dance before she tragically passed away of cancer age 4 years old.

Supporters of the campaign have been making donations to the charity throughout the weeks so they can join in the fun and share their #findfluffy photos in our competition to win a £100 voucher from Anja Potze Fine Jewellery Ltd.

Darren explains the success of the campaign so far, “We have been overwhelmed by the support of the #FindFluffy campaign by families, local businesses and the whole community have really got behind our red headed superstar! We have loved seeing all the entries into the competition and sharing them on our socials, but now we have the run-up to Christmas and I can’t wait to see what Fluffy is going to get up to next!!”

He adds “Everyone knows I’m a big kid at Christmas and always the first person to get the decorations up, so I can’t wait to see everyone’s competition entries in the run up to the end of the campaign…. #FestiveFluffy here we come!”

For more information about our ‘Find Fluffy’ campaign and to request a Fluffy in the post visit the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust website www.gkcct.org/findfluffy.