How illuminated signage keeps your business working


How illuminated signage keeps your business working

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Burrr! Wrap up warm everybody because winter and the long dark nights are here!

The cold, long nights have arrived and that means we can find ourselves leaving home in the morning in the dark and then returning home, still in the dark.

Your business will however still be trading and that’s why night-time, lighted signage is very important at this time of the year.

Not only do they promote your business and brand throughout the night, they also help you stand out from the competition.

And it’s not just high-street retailers that will benefit from illuminated signage but any type of business with passing footfall or traffic.


So what’s available?

When most people think about lighted signage they tend to think about neon lighting.

Whilst neon still has its place, it has now generally being replaced by LED lighting.

LED is much more flexible, cost-effective and longer lasting and it is therefore, the illuminated signage option that we generally recommend here at City Signs.


Tech driven and controlled

LED signs can be adjusted for brightness and they can also use a range of optional colours. How about a green sign one day and a red or a blue sign for each of the following days?

There’s even a handy smart ‘phone app that you can download to make the changes and control it all.

And if you’re a busy club, bar or coffee shop and you’d like a LED sign that pulses along to the music – no problem!


More affordable than you may think

Some people think that illuminated signage may be prohibitively expensive.

Design, build and installation costs have however come down significantly in recent years and with on and off/ dawn till duskt sensors, they’re cheap to run too.


Just a thought on planning

Exterior illuminated signs may need planning permission and whilst we’re unable to make an application on your behalf, City Signs can always give you advice on what may be possible.


Additional options

There are also light boxes, backlit cut-out lettering, signs illuminated by spotlights and temporary and mobile lighted signs.


Interior illuminated signage

And don’t just think of exterior illuminated signage. We can also bring you an attention-grabbing mix of interior signs too.


Here to help

So if you’re unsure what would work best for your business, talk to City Signs and we’d be very pleased to give you some free, helpful advice.

Contact us today by clicking HERE.



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