How to ensure exhibition visitors don’t bypass your stand


How to ensure exhibition visitors don’t bypass your stand


If you’re attending a business exhibition or expo, you’ll certainly want to see a return on your investment. The thing you will not want to see; is a steady stream of people simply walking past your stand.

Here’s how to make your exhibition stand eye-catching, welcoming and engaging.


1: Eye-catching

Think here about creating an environment that people would want to step into.

With the right graphic design, signage, banners, flags and lighting (and perhaps a little theatrical dressing too) you can create a stand that will really ‘stand out’.

Here at City Signs we build complete stand environments incorporating an array of different components and this includes bespoke, on-brand graphic design.

Why not get in touch to find out what’s possible? You may be surprised just how affordable the ‘wow factor’ can be.


2: Welcoming

This is all down to you and your people.

Ensure therefore, that your staff team look great and that they’re able to welcome everyone with a confident smile. Also make sure they have the knowledge to answer any questions.

We also advise (if space allows) creating a small sit down area where you can answer any questions and take delegate details.


3: Engaging

A great way to do this is by giving away something useful or by giving delegates something to do.

If you’re a photographer you may offer to take a free business portrait photo on your stand.

If you’re a business growth adviser you may have a business planning tool to give away.

When it comes to ‘something to do’, if you’re a fitness trainer you may offer a on the spot health check or a complementary head and shoulders massage.

If you’re an accountant you may invite delegates to see if they can win a prize by solving a tricky chess problem (with giant chess pieces on the floor of course!).


Have a great event!

Where ever you’re heading off to, we hope you have a great event.

And if you think about making your stand eye-catching, welcoming and engaging, we’re pretty sure it will be a very successful one too!


Contact us today to discuss your require by clicking HERE.

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