COVID-19 self-testing booths help support the next phase

COVID-19 self-testing booths help support the next phase

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With the governments mass vaccination programme in full force, we enter the next phase as restrictions start to be lifted and schools once again open their doors. A critical part of society getting back to ‘normal’ is self-testing in all settings to decrease the spread of COVID-19. Cost effective desktop and freestanding self-testing booths can provide a quick and safe way to identify a potential threat in the workplace or in schools and colleges.

Desktop self-testing booth

Providing desktop COVID self-testing booths, City Signs can quickly ensure your staff, customers or students can administer a self-test in minutes and receive a fast result in a self-contained facility. It’s easy to setup and can be deployed in minutes, plus it wipes clean thereby ensuring it is hygienic and sanitised. City signs desktop self-testing booths are made from rigid lightweight PVC board so is ideal for any setting where it is not possible to work from home such as manufacturing, food production, the armed forces, education, care homes, travel, construction, or hospitality industries.

Flexible freestanding double-sided self-testing booth

It has never been easier to setup an effective self-testing operation as it is with the new City Signs freestanding double-sided self-testing booth. It can be assembled without the need for tools in a matter of minutes with a unique slot together design and has a lightweight and sturdy construction for a practical solution to rapid onsite testing. Each unit has two back-to-back testing bays, and each bay has a mirrored area, for ease of swab application and an automatic sanitiser unit that can be filled with hand sanitiser for cleanliness. Our booths are designed to be installed against a wall, but two booths can be deployed back-to-back to create a standalone four bay testing unit for the ultimate flexible self-testing solution.

If you would like more information about our range of self-testing booths, please contact the City Signs team, we would be delighted to guide you through our products. Please contact us by emailing or alternatively call 01905 640007.