Stand out on the high street with great signage!


Stand out on the high street with great signage!


Stand out on the high street! Affordable, eye-catching options for shop signage. If you run a shop or other kind of business and you need exterior signage, here are a few ideas and options to think about.

They’ll help you ensure your signage stays affordable but achieves its aim.


The right design

Getting the design right is important and all your signage must be brand loyal to appropriately profile your business.

City Signs will ensure that your design incorporates your fonts, colours and other brand elements including logos if required.

And if you don’t have an existing brand identity we can help with a range of fresh, original graphics.


Eye-catching from a distance

Either by passing pedestrians or drivers, you’ll want your sign to be instantly seen and understood.

It must therefore be simple and memorable.

Your business name and perhaps a straightforward idea of your business offer will most likely be included and you may also add a phone number or website, to give people the option to find out more later.


grantStandard graphics or illuminated?

Illuminated signs are especially noticeable and of course, they promote your business throughout the night.

A wide variety of illuminated signs are available including light box signs, signs that are back lit or front lit and signs with individually lit letters.

Most night-lit signs include a dusk to dawn on/off sensor but we can also provide manual switching too.

Not sure what to go for? City Signs can advise.


Projected and hanging signs

These can be very effective because of the wider view they give. There may however be some planning issues involved and we can also advise about this.

However, a good way to get started (and understand if you’ll be able to install a projected or hanging sign) is to look at near-by business premises to see if there’s already some around.

If yes, you’ll probably be OK.


Signs at multiple locations

We have a number of clients who require signage across multiple locations and often our challenge is to install brand consistent signs on some very different buildings.

This is a great challenge but one we’re very pleased to meet.


How we work with you

So, do you need a new exterior shop or premises sign? If yes, then City Signs is here to look after you.

We’ll begin by arranging an initial visit to your location and this will enable us to fully understand your aim and what’s possible.

During this meeting we’ll also discuss costs and your timescale (swift turnaround times can be accommodated if needed).

We’ll come up with a range of options and you may be impressed by what we can bring you, whilst staying within your budget.


Find out more

To find out more please give us a call today on 01905 640007 contact us by clicking HERE

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