The King’s School

The organisation

With a history dating back to the 16th Century, The King's School in Worcester groups three independent, mixed-gender schools. It teaches around 1,500 students from the age of two to 18.

The aim

The King’s School has a long-term contractor relationship with City Signs and as a part of this, all the mixed signage the schools require is supplied and installed. This includes all interior and exterior signage as well as school minibus livery and exterior event signage.


The delivery

As an independent it is important that all visual representations used by The King’s School convey and enhance the organisation’s high standards.

City Signs has the capacity to meet the mixed signage requirement, which changes throughout the academic year.

As a part of this work, City Signs recently completed an extensive commission to refreshed every sign at each school location.

To ensure appropriate safeguarding, all on-site operatives are DBS checked.

The difference made

School Marketing Director, Emily Ward said;

“City Signs is quick to respond and each installation is delivered in a timely and professional manner.

“In addition, we are always pleased with the quality of the work which consistently meets the requirements of our brand.

“We trust City Signs and this is why (even though we have invited tenders from other suppliers) we don’t use anybody else.