Why digital print is the best quality at the right price


Why digital print is the best quality at the right price


When it comes to signs and signage installations there are many options.

And we don’t just mean options in terms of cost, but also in terms of the design, the materials used, the colours, inks and print methods used and even the laminates that can be added (if needed) to give extra-life protection and durability.

Here at City Signs we always aim to deliver the very best sign quality at the most competitive price.

We’re convinced that digital print is the best way to do this. Here therefore, are the key reasons why digital is your best choice for signage printing.


1: The quality is amazing!

We always do all we can to invest in the most up-to-date kit and earlier in 2017 we installed a brand new £20,000 HP latex printer.

The improved print coming out of this is truly amazing. For example, even when creating wall-size displays, high-res photography quality is maintained.

To say we’re delighted with the results from our new printer is an understatement; and we’ve been in the industry for many, many years!

Most importantly we can pass on these improvements to you, without any price increase.


2: It’s highly flexible in terms of what you can print onto

Digital technology works by printing onto 1.6m wide roles and this includes rolls of paper, vinyl, meshes, PVCs, banners and even window blinds.

And the good news is, even when we’ve tiled together a very large piece you would have to look very closely at it to see the join.

We can therefore, easily fill billboards and walls without it looking like a giant jigsaw.


Unknown3: It’s greener

Another key advantage with digital printing is that the technology uses odourless, water-based latex inks (also known as resin inks) rather than harmful solvent inks.

This means we can now supply hospitals, nurseries and schools where previously they may have had issues with solvent-based inks.

In addition, the signs produced are much more recyclable after use, making digital printed signs a big selling point for organisations with a clear environmental policy.


4: It’s great on price

As mentioned above, another key reason why digital wins, is because it is great on price.

Print costs options vary between £5 and £80 per square metre and this means we can be really flexible in terms of bringing you some great cost options.


Find out more or ask a question

If you have any questions about anything here, we’d be very pleased to answer them.

In addition, do remember that we’re always at the end of the phone to discuss any signage challenge you may have – and then come up with the very best solution.

And that’s best in terms of price and quality!

Contact us today to discuss your requirement by clicking HERE.

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