External Wayfinding & Directional Signage

External wayfinding signage includes directional signs, fingerposts, directional freestanding Totem signage, ‘you are here’ maps and also temporary signage.

Eye-catching external wayfinding signage is commonly seen on walkways, footpaths/ pavements and within forecourts, terraces and car parks.

When it comes to Totem signs, you’ll typically see these used at the entrance to business parks, retail parks, hospitals or other multiple building locations. They are also known as Pylon signs and can be illuminated.

External wayfinding signage also includes small and large directional signs, as well as temporary banners.

Thinking big? No problem. We have the capacity and experience to install large signs and
banners on the side of all types of buildings.

Use of external signage

External wayfinding signage supports larger business premises and locations such as office blocks, corporate buildings and units, sports arenas, leisure centres, town halls, Civic Centres and other local authority buildings, multiplex cinemas, theatres, schools and colleges, health centres and hospitals.

They are therefore, used at any location that has a number of different departments or buildings and where visitors need to be guided to them efficiently.

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