Pedestrian & Totem Signage

Pedestrian directional signs enable you to effectively manage the movement
of people, both inside and outside your buildings and premises.

When it comes to styles, sizes, colours and designs for pedestrian
signage, a wide range of options are available from City Signs.

This enables you to guide your people effectively
but also keep your organisation ‘on brand’.

Pedestrian signage can include fingerposts, other directional signs
including totem signs, as well as temporary banners and flags.

Use of pedestrian signs

When it comes to the correct installation and use of pedestrian signage, safety is a very important consideration.

Effective internal pedestrian signage not only gets people to where they need to be; it can also be used to designate areas where public access is not allowed.

Exterior pedestrian signs can also designate or limit access and crossings, keeping people and traffic separated.

In addition, when it comes to Health & Safety and fire safety regulations, to ensure you meet all your requirements, City Signs also provides signage to guide employees and public and work alongside your safety officer or Health & Safety contractor.

I have used CitySigns on a regular basis for my signage needs and am always impressed by his fantastic value for money, combined with a deep and practical expertise on what will work best for you and your business.

Michael Capewell