Point of Sale Signs & Graphics

Point of Sale (POS) is mixed signage that supports retail businesses and
promotes your products, offers and events; both inside and outside.

Interior POS signage varies immensely in terms of styles, materials and costs and includes panels and
smaller billboards as well as electronic scrolling displays, banners, pop-up flags and leaflet-holders.

Exterior POS may be banners and flags, A boards, swinging signs or chalkboards (which stand on the
pavement or at another suitable nearby location), larger portable signs and also rotating signs that spin
around in the wind, with eye-catching messages.

Here at City Signs we have the flexibility to meet all your needs.


Use of exterior Point of Sale

City Signs can advise you on how to use your exterior POS and also, about what you will or will not be allowed to use (with some outside POS you may need planning permission).

Other outdoor POS includes bollard wraps which cover security and walkway designation bollards. These are made of light but durable Corex board and are a great way to maximise your marketing.

We also offer projecting signs and hanging flags to sit above your store frontage.


The quality of the printing produced comes very highly recommended indeed, giving a good professional impression of products and services offered by my company. Many thanks to you and the team.

Clive Boardman