Planning your signage for 2021

Planning your signage for 2021

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With less than two months left of 2020, it’s a really important time to start thinking about how your business can remain competitive going into 2021. One way that you can do this is by ensuring that you are loud and proud about your business branding and signage. No matter what the size of your business is or what type of business you operate, quality signage is an essential tool that is so vital for the success of any business.

You may be feeling a little disheartened about lockdown, but what if you focus on how you can innovate through business signage and enhance success once you are out of lockdown? That’s something positive to think about during a month where you may experience more downtime than usual. Signage can serve a whole myriad of purposes including brand recognition and awareness, enticing your customers, increasing sales opportunities and giving you that competitive advantage overall, therefore it’s really important to start planning ahead.

Giving you a strong competitive advantage

Signage can have as much of an impact on your enterprise as your website does. The immediate advantage that high quality signage can have is to enhance communication – just how your website logo, header and visuals would. Business signage appears as the most visible form of communication and is symbolic of the overall brand itself. If your signs are creative, eye-catching and of a high quality, your customer will have an initial positive perception about your brand and it can provide you with a strong competitive advantage. Whereas, poor or low-quality signage can deter a potential customer from exploring your business further. 

Increasing brand awareness

Well placed and well-designed signage will continuously build brand awareness and support brand building. If planned and executed correctly, your signage will tell a story and allow your audience to understand the true narrative of your brand. There are many factors that you will need to consider such as colour scheme, font, sizing, and material. However, once you have created a thorough plan based on your brand values and mission statement, your vision will become a lot clearer. A potential customer may pass a business five days a week whilst travelling, making it even more essential for your signage to be well designed.

A cost-effective investment and long-term marketing solution

In marketing terms, your business signage can be a cost-effective investment and overall long-term marketing solution. Signage is a fundamental part of your brand strategy which is visible 24/7. So as far as longevity is concerned, signage can act as an exterior marketing campaign constantly. If you are a retail store, your signage can entice a customer into entering. As for interior signage, well placed and designed point-of-sale displays help influence a customer’s spending behaviour. A well thought out display can help increase impulse purchasing and influence the overall customer journey.

High quality business signage is an extremely effective and economical form of publicity for exposing brands and attracting customers. By working with the right signage experts, and utilising the right branding elements and narrative, signage can act as a visual symbol to drive greater attention to your business and ultimately lead to great success. 

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