Shocking signage… but for all the wrong reasons?

Shocking signage… but for all the wrong reasons?

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It’s Halloween next week but is your signage giving customers a fright they will want to forget?

Let’s discuss the do’s and don’ts of signage to get yourself noticed to make that all-important lasting impression….

The chances are that the first thing a visitor will see when they visit your business premises is a sign of some description.  This could be a fascia sign above your shop window, business signs inside or outside your building, building signs to signpost visitors to your premises or reception area, pavement signs outside your store, the potential for signage is endless….

But are your signs and displays giving the right impression of your business? 

When a potential customer comes to your business and sees a building sign that is suffering from weather damage e.g. paint peeling off or faded paintwork, will it encourage them to buy your product or services or scare them off?  First impressions count, so getting your business signage right is the first step to securing that business deal.

As well as serving a branding and design purpose, signs should also give out the right message too.  Signage on your business vehicles should be clear, easy to read, politically correct and devoid of spelling mistakes.  Vehicle livery should also fit in with the rest of your corporate image, state what your business does and have clear contact details, as your business vehicles are advertising your business wherever they travel to.  If your phone number is wrong or business name misspelt, you will be missing out on valuable potential clients, as well as creating the wrong impression.

It’s also important to think of safety issues when installing signage, ensure they’re not positioned too close to entrances so that people injure themselves on them.  Make sure they’re securely installed, so they don’t fall on staff or customers.  Pavement signage should be sturdy enough to cope with the great British weather, you wouldn’t want a sign blowing into the path of a pedestrian or car.

There is a lot to think about when commissioning business signage, but we can ensure that your signs are not scaring anyone this Halloween.  We create and install a wide range of signage from budget to bespoke, which are high quality and built to last.  Our design studio will also ensure that your corporate image is reflected in the signage across all your premises and vehicles because first impressions count.

To help you in the right direction we have a SHOCKING offer available until 31st October – two pull up banner stands for £120.00. Please contact 01905 640007 or email for full details.